About us


Our robust application (RegStar) runs on the latest Structured Query Language (“SQL”). With the SQL Database Management Systems, our database can be queried to provide adequate information/data as required by our clients. Furthermore, our real-time computer system enables us to reflect changes in shareholders’ details and share ownership whilst maintaining direct automated links with shareholders, our client companies, and CSCS. 

Software/ Database Management

RegStar has the following features:

  • E-lodgment, E-bonus, E-Dividend, e-Public Offers and Central Securities Clearing Systems (CSCS)  Data Exchange
  • RegImage for Signature Capture
  • FlexUpload for Bulk Warrant Payment Processing.
  • Online Shareholders Portal
  • Online Broker Portal
  • Online Client Portal.

Web access to the Company Secretary to view Register online

  • Ability to query for information
  • Print Reports
  • Access to named authorised personnel of Company if desired.


  • A web-based application available to shareholders to interact with RegStar in relation to their shareholding, and for information on corporate actions.


  • Our official website www.datamaxregistrars.com, with which our clients and their shareholders can interact.

We are committed to the increasing provision of electronic communications in line with industry and regulatory trends, adding value to clients’ businesses by reducing costs, providing up-to-the-minute information and enhancing shareholder communications.